Frequently Asked Questions

Partnering with a dental group (like Bluetree Dental) allows the provider(s) to focus solely on the care and experience of the patient without the distractions of many of the stressful administrative responsibilities they have been performing after hours or in between patients. In addition, the dental world is changing very quickly, and affiliation with a larger group and service organization provides them and their team more security and resources as much larger corporate clinics expand very rapidly into the marketplace.

This transition should not impact any clinical or administrative positions at the practice. Rarely are there any changes in compensation. Benefits may change, but in most cases these changes are minimal.

All team members (front and back) report to the practice manager or team leader. The lead provider directs the clinical team on a day-to-day basis to ensure the highest standard of care is met. The practice manager reports to the regional operation manager and the practice provider reports to the group’s managing provider. These individuals make up the practice’s leadership team and work together to accomplish the practices’ goals.

Yes and no. In most cases, but not all, the doctors receive ownership in the whole group but do not retain ownership in their individual practices. They become invested in the success of all practices, all providers, and all team members in the group. However, their day-to-day focus is on where they provide services.

At the heart of it, as mentioned before, Bluetree is a very provider, patient, and people-centric group. It makes decisions based on not only its mission, vision, and values but the 4 P’s. The 4 P’s are: what is best for the providers, patients, people (team), and the practice (group). Bluetree culture is also very family and relationship-focused, while we create policies and processes, that are meant solely to allow us to more consistently meet the mission of the organization.

That all depends on you. The group will continue to expand at a measured pace and with organizational growth comes opportunities for personal and professional growth if desired and merited. Some of the most exciting things are the new learning opportunities, collaboration with other practices, and being part of something that has the ability to impact thousands of patient lives outside of your individual practice. It will be what you make it.

Most of the changes you may or may not see have to do with the administrative functions of the practice and impact the leadership team a bit more than the front and back office team members. You will start to see communication from team services (HR), receive newsletters highlighting activities, events, and news in the group, and you may see the occasional new face ariound the office during and after the transition. The goal of Bluetree Dental is not to be a distraction from patient care and while that is not always completely possible we make every effort to operate that way.

That depends on the needs of the practice, provider, and patients. While our goal is to keep people in the same practice, seeing the same patients, and supporting the same provider, there will be times when the needs of the practice will require some sacrifice by all team members. Rest assured, this will be minimized whenever possible. Patients come first.