Hear from our Team

“I have been a clinical practice manager for Bluetree Dental for the past 2 years. This corporation believes in its Core Values (Caring-Committed- Creative-Credible) and treats its employees and patients with kindness. They have many organized team-building events throughout the year to help unite each office throughout Bluetree Dental. Employees of Bluetree Dental work hard to keep smiles looking healthy and beautiful and are committed to gentle compassionate care.”

Diana L.
General Dentistry

Team member since 2018

“I have never worked for a company like BlueTree before. I feel heard, and I feel like everyone has an open-door policy at all times. Our core values make decisions and do my job the easiest it has ever been. I believe in our company. I believe in our values. I believe in our product.”

Kayla N.
Billing Services

Team member since 2016

“Working at Bluetree Dental is like working with family. We have a good time working together and love helping the kids and families that walk through our door. We do a lot of volunteer activities within the community to meet new people and help when needed.”

Elizabeth C.
Pediatric Dentistry

Team member since 2013

“Bluetree Dental is a very positive, supportive and considerate group. They make sure all their team members are treated with respect as a person and as an employee. I know that my voice, my opinions, and my input will always be listened to.”

Aleta B.
Billing Services

Team member since 2017

““Being a team member of Bluetree Dental is like working alongside a big family every day. It is a very caring group, and there is so much room to grow!”

Jeanette P.
Team Services

Team member since 2009

“I have worked in pediatric dentistry since 1999 and not all dental groups are the same. One of the best things I like about Bluetree Dental is that the main focus is providing the best CARE and EXPERIENCE for our patients. Unfortunately, not all dental groups focus on the experience, which is as important as the care! We give people something to smile about, today and tomorrow.”

Angela L.
Regional Director

Team member since 2014