Our Passion

Who is Bluetree Dental

Bluetree Dental, at its core, is a large private practice. Its ownership is a collection of multi-specialty providers committed to adapting to the changing dental landscape while not sacrificing the care and experience they desire for their patients. Bluetree utilizes a governance and committee structure to ensure that providers are shaping the future of patient care using our “Four P” approach to decision making: Always asking ourselves what is best for our providers, patients, people (Team), and our practices as a whole. We genuinely consider Bluetree to be the new model of private practice. 

Who is Bluetree Practice Services

In our effort to meet our patient-centered goals, the group realizes its need to not only partner with the best providers but also partner with those best equipped to handle the administrative and financial needs of the group and individual practices. Bluetree Practice Services supports accounting, human resources, marketing, facilities, technology, and other administrative areas. In addition, Bluetree Practice Services provides growth capital and business development services to the dental group. Its team of professionals is committed to keeping practice services simple, understanding that anything else is a distraction from what is most important… patient care. 

Our Mission:

To give people something to smile about, today and tomorrow.

Our mission is to provide children and adults with the highest quality of dental and orthodontic care available in a fun, friendly, and caring environment. All care provided will be based on sound scientific and ethical principles. Our patient’s emotional and physical well-being is our number one priority. With this approach we will give them an experience to smile about today and quality/results to smile about for years to come.

Our Vision:

Changing lives, changing dentistry.

Every team member is focused on the guiding principle of creating an environment where doing dentistry different is paramount and putting the needs of others before their own is of the highest priority. Our most important accomplishment will be that through such a focus our team members will not only find joy and satisfaction in their professional lives but in their personal lives as well. We will never give up on the fact that small and simple things can change the lives of our patients and each other. The result is a living organization that leads the dental and orthodontic community into the future by providing a better dental experience and better dental outcomes.

Our Core Values:


: having or showing an ability to make new things; think of new ideas; solve problems

If we want to be a different kind of dental group, we have to think differently. We have to look for a better way to do almost everything. The alternative is to be just like everyone else.


: to be interested in or concerned about something or someone

If we want to be a different kind of dental group, we have to put the needs of others before our own. we recognize above all else that as we do so amazing things happen – lives change.


: able to be believed or trusted

If we want to be a different kind of dental group, we have to be trusted. It can come no other way than through integrity, good intent, constantly increasing our capabilities, and providing positive results.


: someone who works very hard to do or support something

If we want to be a different kind of dental group, we have to be committed. Committed to the patients, to each other, to the practice and to making decisions every day based on our mission, vision, and values.